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Monday, July 26, 2010

Central NJ baby photographer - Beautiful Girls

Meet baby M and her big sister, Ms. B. Baby M is 4 weeks old, and I had heard that was a very difficult age to photograph, that they rarely sleep and get overstimulated and overtired by the end of the session. Well, baby M could not have been more of an angel. She was actually one of the most relaxed newborns I've photographed. She let me pose her and move her, and she would just fall back asleep. She was even pretty relaxed when awake. And her big sister is such a sweetie and so adorable, check out her curls! She was born just a week after my son, and I'm already planning their wedding :) As I was leaving, sweet little Ms. B said "I love you!" and I love you too sweetie!

Baby sister and big sister, love that both have the same pose!

LOVE those eyelashes and lips!

My newest and new favorite prop, the wrap on the left is from Silky Knits She did a beautiful job with the handmade lace, I just love it!

She is just too cute! I could photograph this little beauty all day!

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