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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mr. Z and Ms. M are back! - Child Photographer New Jersey

You may recognize these two, they were the subjects of my second photo session ever, back in March. During that first session, we had to stay indoors because it was too cold outside, and the kids got to play in the formal room, where they managed to pull everything out of drawers, spread the decorations everywhere, and even rip a curtain. Well this time, we got to play outside, and daddy got to join us. All was going well, until poor little Ms. M got too close to a bee's nest. The bumble bee got really mad and chased all of us around, eventually biting both dad and little Ms. M (her second bite within a week). She's a tough little girl though, and was ready for more photos within minutes. And she never even dropped her ultra cute pink purse :) I just love a girly girl!

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