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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Born in 2010 Contest! - NJ Baby Photography

My absolute favorite thing to photograph is newborns, I love how squishy soft and new they are. And I love that I can help document such an amazing time for a family. The addition of a new baby changes everything! I never had newborn photos taken of my son, I just had no idea that you had to do them so young, and before I knew it, he was a real baby! :) The first few weeks are such a blur, it's so wonderful to have photos of this brief, amazing, sleep deprived time.

Here's one little angel that I photographed as a newborn, sneak peek HERE. And now she's all grown up into a big 8 month old baby! Isn't she just adorable!

I got the chance to photograph lots of newborns in my first year in business. Thank you to all of the families who invited me to their homes to meet their new little ones! Now I'd like to do a giveaway to those families that had a new addition in 2010! Since I was born in 2010, I found it only fitting :) Here are the details...

1st prize: Free portrait session and  $250 print credit
2nd prize: Free mini session and $100 print credit

So here's how it goes...

-all newborns photographed in 2010 will be entered automatically. If you would prefer to remove your baby from the contest, just let me know. If you'd like to add a baby to the contest, email me at

-contestants must be born in 2010, the prize session must be completed before or around their first birthday, and must take place within 30 miles of Clinton, NJ

-the baby whose photo has the most votes will be the winner; runner up will win the second prize, all other entrants will receive a $50 print credit to use at their next session.

- to vote for a photo you MUST be a ‘fan’ (or under the new facebook system ‘like’) Kendra Krishnan Photography Fan Page

- click ‘like’ for the photo you are voting for in the album labeled ‘Born in 2010’; comments are permitted, but WILL NOT count towards the total number of votes

- photo with the highest number of 'likes' will be the winner so get your friends and family to vote. You might wish to tag yourself in the photo so it is easier for your friends to find your baby's photo.

- voting will start on Monday, February 14th and close at 10 PM EST Monday, February 28th, 2011


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